PCMan File Manager Blender Thumbnails

Blender (starting with version 2.5) saves a thumbnail in every .blend file as long as the scene contains at least one camera. Blender also comes with a Python script to extract this thumbnail as a .png file.

The PCMan File Manager uses .thumbnailer files saved in /usr/share/thumbnailers to generate thumbnails for additional data types.

So to get thumbnails for .blend files, add a file named blender.thumbnailer in the directory /usr/share/thumbnailers containing the following content

[Thumbnailer Entry]
Exec=blender-thumbnailer.py %i %o

After you restart the PCMan File Manager it should give you thumbnails for your Blender files. Just closing the file manager window might not be enough to completeley close it. You might want to try sudo killall pcmanfm to be sure all instances on PCMan are closed.

Author: Sebastian Stabinger

Email: firstname@lastname.name

Created: 2018-01-01 Mon 20:08

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